Fitbit Confirms Release of 2nd Generation Smartwatch, “VERSA”

On the market for a new smartwatch? Not sure where to look?  Fitbit  believes they have found the answer.

2017 was a busy year for smartwatches and the wearables industry.  We saw an upgrade to the apple watch, adding LTE to the successful time piece.  While Samsung continues to gain some traction, Fitbit has tried to make a name for itself with it’s very own smartwatch with the Fitbit Ionic.

The Fitbit Ionic, being the 1st generation smartwatch from Fitbit, deserves time to work out the bugs that plagues many 1st generation wearable concepts.

Check out this review for the new $200 Fitbit Versa smartwatch, by Chris Velazco for

Fitbit is focused on health related products, and has found a way to work out some of the bugs found in the Ionic, but $100.00 USD cheaper than the Ionic.  The Fitbit “Versa” starts at $200 USD, but offers technology for everyone.

The design of the Versa, is much more pleasing to the eye, and is the slimmest Fitbit to date, with claims that the Fitbit Versa is the lightest smartwatch on the market.

The Fitbit Versa houses a 1.34 square inch LCD screen, with 4GB of storage, allowing you plenty of space to store music, without having to run and exercise with your watch on hand.  The Versa is simply an upgraded Ionic, but more aesthetically pleasing and gender neutral.

Aside from lacking GPS, there isn’t much that the Versa can’t do, the other missing feature is Fitbit Pay, but supposedly you can purchase a more upgraded version of the Versa, to get this widely used feature.

The Fibit Versa, has a unique system that allow women to input and track their menstrual cycle.  This is a useful feature, because it can really support those who are either struggling with menstrual issues, or for any female trying to conceive.  It is another useful tool, putting Fitbit in a class of wearables that is truly focused on changing the health and technology sector.

So, where can you find this new smartwatch?  Check out, or  You can definitely guarantee that you will not be left having to wearing your new Versa, with the typical standard bracelet.  You can count on fitjewels to design the perfect jewelry, to help make your smartwatch a high-functioning, crossover smartwatch and jewelry accessory.

You can keep track of your health, while looking stylish.  At fitjewels, our goal is to keep you motivated to wear your new Fitbit Versa smartwatch, but allow you to conceal it like the important piece of jewelry that it is.

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