Fitbit Considering Smartwatch for Kids

Rumor’s of Fitbit exploring a smartwatch for kids, have people talking.  Companies like Garmin, and Xiaomi are already competing for this very niche market. While, Fitbit looks to take a on today’s tech driven youth, the task may be a little more difficult than most expect.

Fitbit may face a few challenges, while trying to become the expert for kids smartwatches. New technology and it’s relationship to youth, is often debated.  The question of “How much exposure is appropriate for kids,” is generally the matter of concern.  How can Fitbit set itself apart, while addressing these concerns, will be the true test.


Kids can be taught valuable health related habits, with the use and assistance of a kids style smartwatch.  Are kids getting enough exercise, what is their blood-sugar levels like during the day, do you know where your kids are?  These are all questions that Fitbit wants to solve.

Adverse Discussion:

There is also growing concern over how much exposure kids spend using technology, a re-emerging topic of concern.  There are differing views, but I suggest that you do your research, to help you determine the right balance for your family.  Ultimately, parents need to be able to create and maintain boundaries, regarding adequate amounts of time their kids spend playing video games, using cell phones/iPads/tablets and other technology.

There is potential rationale for questioning how much kids and teens are being exposed to technology, the unfortunate side of this topic is that technology is not going away.  In the current, ever-changing world, technology has become an essential part of society, and most of the developing world, relies on it.  It would make sense that parents and kids need to find common grown on how much is too much, however, health monitoring and even child safety location alerts, are applications, that I believe parents would find very valuable.

Proposed Features:

Fitbit’s proposal for a kid’s smartwatch could house several useful features:

  • Location Tracking– gain peace of mind, and real-time updates on your child’s location
  • Blood Sugar Monitoring– Growing concerns of obesity and poor dietary habits of youth, makes this feature a very important bonus to parents concerned with nutritional needs. Just like with the Adult smartwatch Ionic by Fitbit, the global wearable giant would once again team with Dexcom, to provide glucose-monitoring technology to the smartwatch
  • Games and Apps– to keep your child engaged to their smartwatch, encouraging them to wear, and not remove the watch. Encouraging your kids to wear the smartwatch, supports location tracking and other important features

Current Obstacles:

Fitbit would be competing with successful competitors who have already established a kid’s line, i.e. Garmin has the Vivosmart jr. 2, and Xiaomi has also established a kid’s line, both companies have found large success in the Asian market.  Both brands are well established competitors for Fitbit on a more global level, which forces Fitbit to explore features that set them apart, hence the potential collaboration with Dexcom.

Features will need to be as appealing to the kids as they are to the parents.  Requiring a blend of fun activities as well as providing health related feedback on activity levels.  Glucose monitoring is good, but this alone will not address the growing concern of childhood diabetes and obesity. Can Fitbit design an interactive, and educational smartwatch, in a way that challenges kids to understand how diet, exercise and a healthy lifestyle, are two keys to success and happiness.


The design team at fitjewels will be fast at work, creating designs that will be durable and rugged watch straps, strong and fashionable enough to increase the utility of the Fitbit smartwatch for kids. Once Fitbit confirms the companies plans to develop a smartwatch version for kids, Anne Labs Founder & CEO will be in close contact with Fitbit Directors, to develop designs specific to the Fitbit brand.

As with any of the fitjewels products, customers can count on the highest quality product, allergy free metals and leather products, for all sorts of ages and styles.  Look for kids smartwatch bracelets, kids smartwatch straps, kids smartwatch bands, kids smartwatch jewelry by fitjewels.


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