How to Adjust the Butterfly Clasp on Fitjewels Leather Watchstraps


With the release of the New Fitbit Ionic smartwatch, and the upgrade to the Apple Watch Series, fitjewels has recently released some of the most beautiful and sophisticated jewelry designs to the fitjewels fitness tracker and smartwatch compatible jewelry line.

With these upgrades, CEO and Lead Designer for fitjewels, Anne Labs, decided to take the jewelry for the Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch, Apple Watch Series 1, 2, & 3, Samsung Gear S3, and any smartwatch that is compatible to 22mm straps, and make it extremely durable, fashionable and she wanted the pieces to have the sophistication and added security of a butterfly clasp.

Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 5.38.15 PM

When you add this feature to your product, Anne has asked me to make sure that you, her loyal followers, have the perfect instruction on how to safely and securely, adjust your Watch Straps, so that you get maximum usage, and functionality from your favorite jewelry from fitjewels.

Step #1 Sizing…..

If you don’t have a sewing kit with a tailors tape in it, you can take a piece of cloth and wrap it from end to end around your wrist, that is the length you compare to a ruler.


Step #2 Adjusting the Strap…..

If you have a leather strap from fitjewels, like “Spot” Lay your watch strap out flat (I would recommend not attaching it to the watch yet), on a non-scratch surface. Looking at the strap with the holes and the clasp facing up, you will notice a metal clasp that can be lifted up to unlock the clasp adjusting mechanism.  If you try and use your fingernail, and it seems to hard to open, that is a good thing. You want this clasp to stay tight and secure.

Take a small flat head screwdriver, and gently wedge the flat head of the screwdriver between the leather strap and the metal clasp, give the screwdriver a gentle twist and the clasp will come undone. Make sure that the main watch clasp is in the locked position, otherwise your measurement will be off.

Step #3 Making the Sizing Adjustment…..

Now that you have the adjusting clasp unhooked, you can slide the entire mechanism up and down the arm of the strap.  You can use your ruler to find the exact sizing that fits your wrist the most comfortably.  Once you have found the right sizing, line the adjusting clasp up to the correct strap hole, and using your thumb, you can re-lock the adjusting clasp to secure your new size.

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 3.28.31 PM

Now your watch strap is ready to be connected to your Apple Watch, Fitbit Ionic, Samsung Gear S3 or any smartwatch that is compatible to a 22mm watch strap.


Available size 5.5 - 8 inches (circumference of your wrist) Fits 38mm or 42mm Apple Watch Series 1, Apple Watch Series 2 & Apple Watch Series 3 Don't ruin your professional or dressy outfit with a plastic wristband Beautiful design & high quality leather


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