Pebble Users Get Tech Support Extension from Fitbit

Avid followers of Pebble Watches get $50 USD towards the purchase of a Fitbit Ionic.

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If you are an avid Pebble follower, there is some light left at the end of the tunnel, but only for 5 more months.  Fitbit, a leader in the fitness tracker industry, acquired Pebble, an independent maker of smartwatches, back in December of 2016 for $23 million, according to Fitbit’s fourth quarter earnings report, and Fitbit will be extending the support for Pebble’s servers until 30 June.  A recent software update will allow users to continue using their Pebble watches, even after 30 June when Fitbit shuts off the server. However, some services will be disrupted.

Services that will be disrupted after 30 June:

  • Pebble appstore
  • Pebble forum
  • Voice recognition features
  • SMS and email replies with iOS (Android will keep working)
  • Timeline pins from third-party apps (Calendar pins will keep working)
  • CloudPebble development tool

Clearly, it is the intention of Fitbit, to push Pebble users over to Fitbit products, such as the Fitbit Ionic, the first smartwatch by Fitbit.  One incentive that Fitbit is offering to Pebble users with valid serial numbers, is $50 off an Ionic smartwatch, hoping to draw as many Pebble users to switch over.

It seems Fitbit has taken full advantage of their acquisition of Pebble, they have combined Developers from both companies, to drive the Fitbit brand even further, developing world class products.

The Fitbit Ionic, is the first device to be powered by Fitbit OS.  The Ionic showcases a variety of features and user experiences that Pebble users will definitely find familiar. And, there is also a developer-friendly Software Development Kit (SDK), and even an app gallery, that allows Ionic users the ability to tailor their Ionic experience, offering a platform with 350+ apps & watch faces.

So passionate, in fact, that some ex-Pebble developers started the Rebble project to retain almost all functionality of the smartwatch platform even once Fitbit turns off the lights.–Hugh Langley,

For those who are contemplating making the leap to Fitbit, you have until June to finalize your research and make the decision.  Keep in mind that it will be much easier to keep motivated if you are not having to struggle with getting updates from a company that is no longer operating.

The incentive that Fitbit is offering will expire at some point, so why not make the leap, sooner than later.


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