Fitbit and Apple Upgrades We Can Expect in 2018

Apple Watch Series 4


Apple has the ability to really amp up the market with the Apple Watch 4.  The smartwatch industry is gaining some major competition, and this could be Apple’s chance to corner the market as the leader of the Health based smartwatch industry.

The one thing we know, Apple has stayed consistent with their previous release dates of the Series 2 & 3.  Regarding new features, Wareables blogger  and a source from Bloomberg, one specific focus will be related to the research that the company has sponsored through the FDA and Stanford University.  A study to incorporate electrocardiogram (EKG) monitoring among the many features.  Being able to instantly detect arrhythmia, could be a real game changer in the industry.

I would personally like to have this technology, my family has a history of heart disease, and it would give me the add security of being able to monitor my heart for any abnormal signs.

The question of design or new design, is still unknown.  Apple is known for making design changes, but exactly how it will affect jewelry brands like fitjewels, a San Francisco based start-up that designs compatible watch bands and bracelets for the Apple Watch Series.

Fitbit Ionic Adidas edition


The Fitbit Ionic Adidas edition will most likely be released this year and will be a full on capable Ionic smartwatch, most likely sporting an upgraded expert workout coaching, with tips from a vast history of athletic research.

Little is truly known about the features that will be displayed, what sets it apart from the original Fitbit Ionic.  What we do know, it better be big if Fitbit wants to compete with the Apple Watch.

Like the regular Fitbit Ionic, you can easily change out the watch straps on the Ionic Adidas version, and replace them with high-quality replacement jewelry from  This is great news for those who love to wear their fitness tracker, any time of day, for any event.

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Fitbit Blaze 2

It seems that the Fitbit Charge  will not be the only member of the Fitbit Family to be getting an upgrade, the Blaze 2 is said to be a little sleeker and should most likely also feature access to the Fitbit App Gallery, like the newest member of Fitbit, The Fitbit Ionic.


The Blaze is not quite a smartwatch, but will probably host some of the same features of many smartwatches, for example GPS could be in the future for the Fitbit Blaze 2.

Another positive note about the Fitbit Blaze, the watch straps are also interchangeable, fitting a 22mm strap.  Lucky for you, fitjewels has some beautiful leather and stainless steel watch bands that can easily upgrade your Fitbit Blaze, turning it into the perfect accessory for any occasion.  Our stainless steel Link Bracelet, will turn your Blaze into a dressy, yet waterproof fitness tracker that you will want to wear everywhere you go.

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– Available size 5.5 – 8 inches (circumference of your wrist) Fits 38mm or 42mm Apple Watch Series 1, Apple Watch Series 2 & Apple Watch Series 3 – Stainless-steel nickel-free butterfly clasp – Beautiful design & high quality leather


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