Kick off the New Year, Invest in Your Health

Make healthy choices now, you will thank yourself later……

The New Year is a chance to set goals that will help get your life in order and make some personal and professional changes. With so much research available, it’s hard to ignore how important staying active can be.  An active lifestyle will increase your energy levels, possibly the most important variable to being productive and successful at accomplishing any goal.

Something important I have learned from trainers, coaches and athletes, their keys to success: hold yourself accountable, work hard, Healthy Diet, adequate rest, and most of all keep track of your progress, i.e. keep a journal for diet and exercise, use a fitness tracker to help monitor your vital signs and activity levels, be strict about sleep times, be strict about water intake, and be honest about your food consumption.

We often forget that every choice we make, concerning our health, impacts our productivity levels, whether you are an athlete or desk slave.  How we treat our bodies, will determine the limitations that we place on our own abilities and achievements.  If we make the right choices, and are dedicated to the cause, these are possibly the moments we find success in our abilities.

Everyone has to start somewhere when setting new Health goals.  Step 1: define your goal, Step 2: Create a Start Date with realistic timelines, Step 3: What tools do you need? Step 4: Create a record keeping system, one which will allow you to measure your progress and can hold you accountable, Step 5: Push yourself, only you can force yourself to get up and get things done, Step 6: Reward yourself for incremental achievements.  Life is too short to not make the most of your opportunities.

Read this:

Exercise Is One Thing Most Successful People Do Everyday, according to contributor Jennifer Cohen.

According to Jennifer, these are the main benefits that will have an ultimate impact on your success and personal growth.

1. You’ll benefit from schedules and goals.

2. It’ll build your brain and help break bad habits.

3. You’ll stay competitive with others, and yourself.

4. It builds self esteem for a healthier you, inside and out.

5. You’ll work smarter, not harder.

People at the top of their professions, make time for daily exercise, knowing the importance of staying active and keeping a strict routine.  Don’t take our word for it, however, when people like Barack Obama or Warren Buffet give you the same advice, you might want to consider it to be the next best thing to a fact.

Earlier, I talked about equipment, and by now you should know that technology is the way of the future.  This is the time to get on board and find the right products that fit the many sides of your lifestyle.  From sleep tracker, fitness trackers and smart watches, the right product is out there that will fit your needs and budget.

Here are my list of the most versatile and stylish fitness trackers at the top of their game in the wearable & fitness tracker/smartwatch market.  Keep in mind these are mainly based on sales, price comparison, versatility and functionality.

My list:

  1. Fitbit
  2. Apple Watch Series 1, 2, & 3-
  3. Misfit Ray
  4. Xiaomi Mi Band 2


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