A 2018 10-Step Healthy Lifestyle Guide, and Tools to Get You Started

Step One: Goal Setting

Make a list of Goals.  Write down everything you want to accomplish, keeping in mind that each goal needs to be realistic and attainable.

Step Two: Scheduling Your Activities/Creating a Routine

Purchase a Daily/Weekly planner, most cost around $20 and are useful at helping you plan out your daily and weekly routines.  With day planning, you can hold yourself to a strict schedule so that you can get more things accomplished, but also so that you are able to schedule time to work out, meditate, journal. Creating the time to accomplish all of the useful activities that will help you meet your goals.

Step Three: Get a Journal

Journaling is important, it allows you to document your journey and allows you to see progress you are making towards each goal.  Plus, it is a good way to practice self-discipline. This journal will be a future tool for when you are struggling to find motivation later down the road.  It will allow you to look back at all the hard work and accomplishments you have attained.  These are valuable thoughts to teach you about yourself. Reread your diary when you get lost and are lacking motivation.

Step Four: Diet and Grocery Shopping

Research a Diet that is relevant to your schedule and your lifestyle.  Remember that you may want to alter some of your dietary choices, so that you can find a cleaner and healthier diet to assist you on your journey. You should schedule in meal prep time for all the days you plan to cook at home, and meal prep time to prepare any on the go meals. This is another important area, when it comes to journaling. Keeping up with food consumption, keeps you honest and accountable to your new diet.

Once you have found about 8-10 healthy meals that you can prepare at home, it’s time to sit down and make a complete grocery list.  The food you eat, is your source of energy.  You want to make sure what you are putting in your body, contains the vitamins and nutrients necessary to provide the essential vitamins and minerals, required by your body.  Food choices can make or break your diet and can hinder your healthy lifestyle changes. Pick the right foods, and you will see significant changes.


This is a sample grocery list of a Plant Based Diet that I am trying, beginning 2018.  I want to eliminate meat from my diet, and I have read enough research to feel comfortable eliminating meat all together.  Again, I recommend trying a diet that you are willing to stick to, but one that is centered around changing your diet enough to lower your daily caloric intake while leaving your body nutritionally satiated. Understanding the definition and the difference between diet/noun vs. diet/verb, is essential to helping anyone get their nutritional health back under control. In the case of health and nutrition, the word “Diet” is essential to understand.

This is the Google definition for “Define Diet

Screen Shot 2017-12-27 at 1.50.54 PM

I definitely recommend seeing a Register Dietician (RD), or Certified Clinical Nutritionist (CCN) before trying a drastic overhaul to your diet, especially if you are already battling a health issue, when introducing a major change in diet, could complicate the condition if not properly monitored by a RD or a CCN. Everyone has specific needs, and these professionals are highly trained health and nutrition specialists.

Step Five: Personalized Workout System

Finding the right workout system that you will stick to. You aren’t required to join a gym, but I do think it is important to talk about the many benefits of having some type of gym membership.  These days there are a lot of stay at home workout programs, and I am sure for some people it works, but you have to be a very disciplined person.  And, let’s face it, not all of us are and that is ok.  Joining a gym can be hard and sometimes intimidating.  You have to push through that, and realize you are there for you, not the gym bunnies who can’t seem to find the time to go home. Eventually you will make friends at the gym and will develop a support system.  Research a gym that interests you, and offers a variety of resources to help mix things up, keeping you more interested.  Don’t let yourself feel limited in the things you can try.  Being open to new things is how you find the perfect sport you will stick to, in my opinion, the most important ingredient in your workout regimen.

Step Six: Staying Hydrated and Getting Rest

Drinking lots of water, and getting plenty of rest is essential to a healthy lifestyle change.  Water is essential in providing lubrication to your body.  It keeps every cell in your body properly hydrated, and helps to push toxic wastes out of your body.

Eat-Move-SleepSleep is essential, your body is repairing itself from the long day of working, all of your daily chores, and now you are working out and have changed your diet.  Your metabolism is speeding up, your energy level has increased, you are shedding fat, and gaining more lean muscle mass.  Nutrients from your new diet are being synthesized during the night, and converted into amino acids, proteins, neurotransmitters and so many important enzymes and essential functions that come from proper diet, increased exercise, proper hydration and adequate rest for mind and body.

Step Seven: Keeping Motivated

Finding a support system is very important. Keeping motivated is also important, and everyone’s limit is challenged at times.  No one said lifestyle changes were easy, if it were, you wouldn’t need a lifestyle change to begin with. When your motivation reserves are tapped, go back to your journal, show it to friends, family and co-workers.  Find people who support you and can see the challenges you are facing.  Trust me, lots of people notice, many are more impressed and jealous at your discipline.  Find a support system that will grow and evolve with your routines.  This goes back to choosing a gym that offers a family style atmosphere and holds you accountable to your participation. Support and motivation will be the backbone that drives you to stay on course.

Step Eight: Get a Fitness Tracker

Monitoring your Activity levels, sleep patterns, Heart Rate, and many other functions, are useful tools that today’s fitness monitors simplify. Healthcare companies and providers are getting on board, and now more than ever, is the time to take your fitness and health goals to a new level.

Checkout these Fitness trackers that are Compatible with many of the beautifully designed fitjewels bracelets, necklaces and bangles.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Owning a reliable, high quality fitness tracker saves you time keeping up with your journaling and analyzing your daily activities.  Keeping up with all the new aspects of your lifestyle change can be an arduous task, but fitness trackers are their to simplify the record keeping aspect, and make it very simple to calculate your daily tasks. By now, you need to be making sure you have the right tools to make your journey, less “Arduous”!

Step Nine: Reward System

Hard work is not always rewarded, but this time you don’t need anyone’s permission to congratulate yourself with a few extra items, that I find to be really essential to the modern wardrobe.  Who doesn’t like looking their best, new clothes, new shoes, new jewelry can be nice too.  You can have two in one, buying jewelry for your fitness tracker that allows you camouflage your fitness tracker, whether you wear a Fitbit, Misfit Ray, or Apple Watch, fitjewels has something that will give you the reward you deserve for all of your hard work.

Step Ten: Don’t Give UP!!!

Believe in yourself, be good to yourself, congratulate yourself, speak positively about yourself, including to yourself.  The internal conversation (ID) is very important to control.  We hear enough negativity throughout the day.  Don’t let your own internal thoughts be controlled by the negativity of others.  Negative thoughts are often the cause of people falling short of their own goals.  Believe in yourself, believe in a better, healthier, happier You, and you will achieve anything you set your mind to.


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