Staying Fit and Looking Great During the Holiday’s, Here’s How

During the Holidays, a lot of us are bad about neglecting our health and diet, and we might even overindulge.  Personally, I think loosing control even for a month, can be a bad idea. We run the risk of it becoming a frequent habit. Habits Billions of dollars are spent every year trying to break, only to throw it away during the month we are setting new goals for the next year.  Seem a little counter productive? There are many attributes to keeping up a Healthy lifestyle and adhering to it closely, but you can also have your cake and eat it too, just be prepared to put in the time it takes to work it off. Being disciplined is an important thing.

So how did I finally break the habit of skipping my workout regimen, and my healthy eating habits, and paying attention to my cardio, and making sure that I am getting enough rest, all in the name of Holiday madness? Well, for one I stopped explaining my health and life choices to people, until now. Not everyone in your life is going to be able to be supportive up you making drastic changes in your daily habits.  Because lets face it, if you want to change your overall health, you have to change your daily routines.  ALL OF THEM.  Here is my short list; less alcohol, less junk food, less meat, more veggies, better sleep, more water.

The first thing I did, I sat down and wrote out a list of short term goals that were very important for me to achieve.  I made a list of all the tools I could think of, that would be required to achieve my list of goals. And, I also set a realistic timeline for achieving these goals, realizing that there was the off chance some of them would take less time and others may take longer.  This is the part where I realized that patience, not my strongest quality, would be necessary.  Again, accepting that I needed to make these changes, was enough motivation to do whatever is necessary to live a happier and healthier lifestyle.

The second task I completed, I made sure that I collected all the items on my list: Gym clothes, yoga mat, gym membership, good quality athletic shoes, nutritional advice, personalized exercise program based on my specific goals, and a high quality fitness tracker.  After careful research, I decided on the Apple Watch. It has been an amazing life coach.  I require a constant nudge, and some help managing all of my activities.  I don’t mind journaling, but it is a lot easier to keep up with my daily achievements, if the numbers are there for me to analyze.

For me upgrading to the Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE, performs many tasks that I really appreciate on an individual level.

  1. Fitness tracking
  2. Deep breathing/stress release reminders
  3. Heart Rate Monitoring
  4. Fitness reminders; walk, stand, etc.
  5. LTE capability
  6. Apple Pay/Credit Card
  7. My music list
  8. Interchangeable bands/fashionable
  9. Essentially a mini-iPhone

Once I realized that the only person I am truly accountable to at the end of the day, week, year, lifetime, was myself.  Then it became easier to accept the necessary changes I wanted to make. Accepting the my personal contributions to my life, has allowed me to better understand my whole self.  I knew this journey would be metaphysical journey, but I often have not been prepared to tweak everything in my life. I believe that this is why people fail to meet their new years resolution. We refuse to accept our own personal contributions to poor choices related to; diet, exercise, mental health, alcohol or drugs, and so many more of life’s indulgences.  I had to accept that I am not perfect and be ready for a tough changes.

The third and most important thing on my journey, I scheduled my new daily routine, this included the weekends.  I made a 7 day a week schedule, because I didn’t want to use the weekend as an excuse to deviate from goals.  Idle hands and such.  I keep telling myself that I need 8 hours a sleep a night, but I know that not to be true.  I require several hours of undisturbed, restful REM sleep.  I found that I could train myself to get at least 6 hours and I was able to make it everyday.

This is where the Apple Watch became very useful to me.  I was able keep a constant eye on my daily movements and activities, assigning most activities to a specific task. I was also able to monitor my sleep patterns, and keep a watchful eye on my Heart Rate throughout the night.  This is really useful when are setting your workout goals.  You are able to be more precise in determining the safest level of intensity for your body type. Keep in mind, the best overall sport for anyone, is the one that will keep you motivated, interested, and that you will stick too and learn to perform correctly.

For example, I play softball in the San Francisco Gay Softball League.  I know that I will show up to every practice, every game, and every tournament. This is a year round sport for most of the gay softball community in the US. That being said, keeping up requires that I maintain good diet and exercise routines throughout the year. And my Apple Watch has been there every step of the way.  I even keep a close eye on myself while on vacation.  There is nothing wrong with being dedicated to staying healthy in your life.

The last leg of my continuous journey, has been to create a reward system for myself.  Who doesn’t like to be rewarded for hard work, but I am not a kid anymore, so money wasn’t going to do it.  I like to look nice and show off my hard work at developing a healthier, stronger, more put together individual.  I wanted some new nice clothes, some new shoes, a new hairstyle, the works.  I also wanted to upgrade my Apple Watch.

I was tired of wearing my sweaty, smelly gym band all the time, but losing my activity tracker was not an option. And, I knew that popularity of the Apple Watch had caught on enough, that jewelry designers were popping up all over the place. But, I am interested in quality and style.  Thank you to fitjewels for coming to the rescue.  When Anne Labs, fitjewelsLead Designer/Founder and CEO, started her business, she refused to settle with inferior quality products.  She wanted her brand to reflect craftsmanship, elegance, durable and timeless quality products.

Don’t forget, with fitjewels products for Apple Watch, Fitbit Ionic, you can use these 22mm bands for Samsung Gear, or any smartwatch products that are compatible with a 22mm band, see fitjewels website for further details, or check out my recent blog These Accessories by Fitjewels are compatible with Samsung Gear S3 and more.

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