Amazon makes it easy to shop for fitjewels Accessories for the Holiday’s

You can spend hours and hours researching for gift ideas, the places with the best deals on electronics and many other highly sought after wearable devices.  There are many web based retailers trying to convince you to shop for Holiday gifts using their website for 1 maybe 2 items on your shopping list.  The question you have to ask yourself 9 days away from Xmas day, “Will my purchases be delivered in time?”

Featured here is the Fitbit Charge 2 Band “Hayes”

I am a huge fan of 1-Stop shopping.  It is often hard to find a retail store, that carries an array of my favorite brands; from clothing and shoes, to electronics, mattresses, car parts, appliances, you name it.  Online shopping has changed the game, and for me I have little use for brick and mortar stores. You can quickly and easily find the perfect accessories from, to compliment lots of fitness trackers like; Apple Watch, Fitbit Ionic, Fitbit Alta/Alta HR, Fitbit Flex/Flex 2, Fitbit Charge 2.

Featured here is the Apple Watch Band “Flower”

When it comes to Holiday gift shopping, I think most people appreciate convenience, product satisfaction, and on-time delivery.  It makes it so much easier to shop for things I don’t need to visit a store for. For my health conscience friends and family, Amazon is the only place I shop for wearables and fitness trackers. As for interchangeable bands and accessories you will find a large selection of fitjewels designs for Apple Watch, Apple Watch Covers, Apple Watch Bands, Fitbit Replacement Bracelets, Fitbit Ionic Replacement jewelry, Misfit Ray Interchangeable Bands, Fitbit Alta bands. Amazon also carries many styles of the fitjewels quality jewelry for; Fitbit, and Misfit Ray.

Featured here is the Apple Watch Bracelet “Life”

You can appreciate the convenience of full service shopping, ie. reviews, competitive pricing, large assortment of product categories, quick and easy delivery, and hassle free shopping and returns most of all.  Very few online retailers come close to competing with the #1 online retailer in the world, Founder, Chairman & CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos, built the worlds most successful 1- stop shopping and delivery system, and it has made him the wealthiest person alive, currently.

Featured here is the Fitbit Ionic Bracelet “Life”

This platform allows for independent designers and retailers to compete with large brick and mortar stores, where it can be impossible to sale your products any other way.  Brick and mortar conglomerates like Wal-Mart, where the overhead to place your product on shelves, exceeds the marketing budget most small start ups and  would swallow up an independent designer like fitjewels.  Luckily, the success and complexity of a on demand product delivery system, that has been 22yrs in the making. With the Amazon product marketing and delivery system there are many benefits for a small manufacturing start-up, allowing them to compete on the open market and gain some exposure within an over saturated retail industry. Small companies like fitjewels,, can earn the chance to shine without being put out of business trying to compete.

Featured here is the Fitbit Alta/Alta HR Bracelet “Noe”

Working with Amazon allows fitjewels to gain even more marketing exposure, while  piggy backing off Amazon’s success and reputation. Though, both & are full online retailers, selling fitjewels brand (Apple Watch Bracelets, Fitbit Ionic Jewelry, Misfit Ray Bracelets, Apple Watch Bangles, Apple Watch Bands, Fitbit Watch Bands) on Amazon is another layer of product sales and exposure for Anne Labs, Founder, Lead Designer & CEO of, at a fraction of the cost and marketing efforts.

Featured here is the Fitbit Alta/Alta HR Bracelet “Aurel 2”

Most likely you are already aware of the benefits of shopping on, what you may not know, when you buy fitjewels jewelry and accessories for Fitbit, Apple Watch and Misfit Ray, you still receive the guarantee of high-quality jewelry and products for your health related fitness trackers from leading fitness wearable brands like; Fitbit, Apple Watch, and Misfit Ray.  You can find both Fitbit and Misfit Ray fitness trackers on, though you won’t be able to purchase an Apple Watch through Amazon, you can find fitjewels accessories and jewelry for all 3 brands; Fitbit Jewelry, Apple Watch Jewelry, Misfit Ray Jewelry. (Fitbit Alta/Alta HR, Fitbit Charge 2, Fitbit Flex/Flex2, Fitbit One) by fitjewels.


– Available size up to 8 inches (circumference of your wrist) – High quality leather – Nickel free



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