These Accessories by Fitjewels are compatible with Samsung Gear S3 and more

Any watch that is compatible with a 22mm watch band, is compatible with fitjewels Smartwatch bands for either Fitbit Ionic, or Apple Watch Series 1, 2, or 3.

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This is good news for Samsung Gear S3 fans who could really add a little more elegance to their smartwatch. With fitjewels, you can turn your S3 into a beautiful and versatile Samsung Gear S3 Jewelry, Samsung Gear S3 bracelet, Samsung Gear S3 bangle, Samsung Gear S3 Band, Samsung Gear S3 accessories, with Samsung Gear S3 replacement jewelry.

You can use any of the pre-order Apple Watch Bracelets from fitjewels, Apple Watch Bands from fitjewels, Apple Watch Bangles from fitjewels or Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch Bracelets from fitjewels, Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch Bands from fitjewels, Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch Bangles from fitjewels, for your Samsung Gear S3 or any smartwatch compatible to 22mm interchangeable watch accessories. Just simply use the watchband replacement kit, and gently remove the spring from the Samsung Gear S3, and gently replace the existing the band with fitjewels replacement jewelry for Apple Watch, Fitbit Ionic, Samsung Gear S3 or any watch compatible with a 22mm band.

Checkout all the different styles of the pre-order Smartwatch bands by fitjewels that you can make the perfect gift for anyone on your Holiday list.



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