Fitbit Alta/Alta HR is a Top Wareable of 2017

So much attention surrounding the new Apple Watch Series 3 w/ LTE & the 1st Fitbit Smartwatch the Fitbit Ionic, but don’t forget there are other fitness trackers that have been released this year, and fitjewels has high quality jewelry and accessories to dress up and conceal your fitness tracker and Fitbit Alta HR jewelry, Fitbit Alta HR accessories, Fitbit Alta HR Bangles, Fitbit Alta Bands, Fitbit Alta/Alta Hr Bracelets, Fitbit Alta Interchangeable Accessories.

The Fitbit Alta HR is one of the best selling Fitbit’s of all time, and there are two specific versions.  The original Fitbit Alta has every feature of the Fitbit Alta HR, minus the ability to monitor Heart Rate, and monitoring sleep (REM) stages.  Both versions, have reminders to get up and move, bluetooth capability to connect to your cell phone, with call and text message alerts. The Fitbit Alta HR is a slimmer, slightly stripped down version of the Fitbit Charge 2.

Improvements to the Fitbit Alta (HR) keep you more engaged in your daily tasks, whether at work, school, at the gym, or on an adventure.  Having the ability to measure your activity levels from day to day, has become a necessary responsibility in order to have any chance at improving your health. After all, the point is to increase and improve your physical well being.

A fitness tracker can be very beneficial, if you understand the premise and purpose to a fitness tracker.  The features of a Fitbit Alta HR fitness tracker shown in the photo above, are worthless if you are not pushing yourself everyday, focusing on increasing your physical activity levels. Published research in JAMA, concluded that change in physical activity levels in a majority of study volunteers were negligible at best. In fact, it infers that long-term commitment levels could be the possible culprit for the small changes in activity levels across both the control group and the intervention group.

There are multiple factors that require focus, regarding health and activity concerns, monitoring your activity levels alone, which is the main function of a fitness tracker, is not the “cure all” to your health and fitness issues if you find yourself out of shape, overweight, and possibly struggling from health issues from living a less active lifestyle.  The idea behind the activity tracker is to record the change in your lifestyle as you push yourself further every single day. You have control if you walk farther, run farther, jump higher, climb higher, no matter the activity, it falls on you to push yourself. We are becoming a society that relies to heavily on technology to be the answer to your fitness needs. Technology is useful in measuring, recording, and analyzing your fitness journey as you push yourself further and further. You have to control your food cravings, you have to force yourself to drink more water and less sodas and sugary drinks, you have to challenge yourself to change your grocery shopping habits.  Technology can help you calorie count, but it can not monitor every bite of food you consume or decide what you order when you dine out, or cook.

The Fitbit Alta HR fitness tracker released in 2017, has many benefits that aid in your journey to increase your fitness activity, which in turn should have an affect your overall health.

Check out the features of the Fitbit Alta/Alta HR:

Features of Fitbit Alta/Alta HR

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