Wearable Jewelry to Look for on Black Friday

Before you know it, the Holiday’s are upon us again.  This is the perfect time to start planning for those loved one’s who are obsessed with fitness trackers, look for sales on Holiday Fitness Tracker Jewelry.

While businesses are gearing up for Black Friday, companies are always looking for new ways to meet record breaking sales.  This is where being a thrifty online shopper can be beneficial. If you’re thrifty Black Friday online shopper like myself, then you’re already doing your research, and have a successful plan to save as much money as you can, while hoping to find as many items on your list, with minimal effort. Because, who doesn’t want to limit how much time and effort you spend shopping. Let’s face it shopping online, is the way to go.

With Thanksgiving & Black Friday right around the corner, and with the recent release of the smartwatch industry leader’s first LTE series Apple Watch, along with release of the first smartwatch by Fitbit, I think it is safe to say that there will be a rat race to see who can sell the most smartwatches before year’s end.  I think we can expect to see numerous sales on APPLE WATCH SERIES 1 or 2FITBIT ALTA/ALTA HR, FITBIT CHARGE 2 and possibly slashed prices for many of wearable industry’s top selling Fitness Wearables, Fitness Trackers, GPS Trackers, HR Monitor’s and many other wearable related products.

Look for potential sales on Fitbit products on Amazon.com. You can also find Apple Watch Series 1, 2 & 3 on Amazon.com. Based on historical sales activity of previous Apple products,  it is unlikely that you will be seeing any discounts on Apple Watch series 3,  Apple is not known for discounting new products very often in the past.

One way to buy for the Apple Watch lover or the Fitbit fanatic in your life, is to buy something that add’s value and style to an important piece of many people’s daily attire. Buy your friend or loved one, something that will give them a sense of uniqueness, and individuality from the growing industry of Wearable Accessories, Wearable Jewelry, Fitness Jewelry Bands, Smartwatch Jewelry Accessories, to compliment their favorite smartwatch or fitness tracker.

Featured below are bracelets and smartwatch straps, for several members of the Fitbit Fitness Tracker & Smartwatch Collection all designed by fitjewels. Each piece is either made from Genuine High-Grade Leather, or High-Grade Stainless-Steel.  Many of the pieces come in multiple colors;  Gold/Rose Gold, Silver Stainless Steel or Leather.

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Check out these Pre-Sale Event articles for Fitbit Ionic Jewelry & Apple Watch Jewelry:



Black Friday is a good chance to save money on Wearable Jewelry Accessories by fitjewels.  With the trend of many companies, price slashing on Black Friday, I am sure we can expect that CEO & Lead Designer for fitjewels, Anne Labs, is planning to follow sales trends of Black Friday events for both FITBIT & APPLE WATCH. I have yet to receive confirmation, but I am confident that fitjewels will use this opportunity to promote sales of fitjewels brand Apple Watch Bracelets, Apple Watch Bands, Apple Watch Jewelry, Apple Watch Accessories & fitjewels brand Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch Bands, Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch Jewelry, Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch Bracelets, and Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch Accessories.

Checkout the Deal of the Day on fitjewels.com…….valid through 11/30/2017


- Available size: 5.5-8.1 inch (circumference of your wrist) - Genuine High-Quality Leather - Stainless-Steel buckle



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