Check Your Heart Rate, Fitness & Sleep Cycle with a Ring

A San Francisco based start-up wants to bring a minimalist approach to the wearable industry.  The co-founders wanted to create a wearable that you could wear during any activity, getting wet isn’t a problem.  Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 1.21.25 PMThe wearable will monitor a full day of your Heart Rate, while tracking your fitness data, and it even tracks sleep cycles, to help you understand and improve your sleep patterns.

The wearable is a ring called Motiv.  Designed and engineered by four co-founders; Curt von Badinski, Mike Strasser, Peter Twiss and Eric Strasser. “They realized that as a team they could bring Motiv Ring to life, a fitness tracker as light as a penny that you could wear all the time.”–

Features & Accessories:

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What does the Motiv ring offer? 24/7 sleep and fitness tracking, without bulky bracelets or wrist bands. To bring the Motiv ring to life, the engineering team had to create a new style with a round battery, while also creating a flexible circuit board, and then fabricating the ring using machine solid titanium to house this newly designed, minimalist fitness tracker.

For now, the Motiv ring is only compatible with the iOS 9.0 or later platform. But, if you search the site under Careers, you see that the start-up is currently looking for Lead Android Engineers, giving some hope to the loyal Android user.

Unfortunately, the Motiv ring is currently only available in the U.S.  I assume with further upgrades, and debugging the early model software glitches, availability will have a more global reach.

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