Delays for this Hydration Wearable

No matter your fitness level, everyone requires hydration.  For those of us who love to stay active and being outdoors, it is important to keep up with you’re fluid intake  consumption on a daily basis.  BSX Athletics vowed to develop a wearable hydration system that goes above and beyond, to be a 24 hr HR monitor, sleep monitor, mood monitor, calorie counter, activity level and hydration tracker.  However, BSX Athletics maker of LVL Hydration monitor, announced a 1-year delay in the release and some investors are not pleased.

The LVL fitness and hydration tracker was crowd sourcing in 2016 for pre-sales on kickstarter, raising more than $1M of their $50k goal. LVL designers at BSX have been raising more funds in 2017, after delaying the release until summer of 2018.  Among the high-dollar investors is Samsung, inspiring hope that product may actually come to fruition in 2018.

Watch this video:

Over the past weekend, I traveled to San Diego for a softball tournament.  I started increasing my water intake throughout the week prior, making sure that I was ready for a change in weather from the Bay Area.  By mid Saturday, the temperature in Poway, CA was 98° F, approx. 8% humidity. It didn’t take long before I could tell that l was not hydrated enough.  My cuticles were dry, my lips were chapped and dry, and I definitely did not feel well. I began to feel symptoms of a UTI, now I know I wasn’t getting enough water.

I returned Monday, by Tuesday I was struggling to recover from such a long weekend in the dry desert sun of Southern California, and found myself in the ER in San Francisco, suffering from dehydration and kidney stones.  Another lessoned learned.

Now, if I only had a device that could help me monitor my hydration levels, I would have known that I was not at an optimal hydrated level to take on a full weekend of softball in extreme heat and dry weather.  The tracker named LVL (pronounced Level), a hydration wearable device, if released would be the first fitness tracker + Hydration monitor on the market. I could finally be more prepared for inclement weather, while also maintaining an optimal hydration level. I would be able to monitor sleep, mood, HR, calories burned, and specifically if I was rehydrating well enough.

I for one, would love to see the LVL fitness tracker make it’s debut, but with such a long delay, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Apple or Fitbit take on the challenge of developing a wearable with similar features.  Both companies have shown that they have the backing of consumers, Corporate Investing and the FDA, it isn’t a stretch to see one of these well established industry leaders, take on the project.

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