A Fitness Tracker that Detects Early-Stages of Lung Cancer

Early detection of Cancer, can have a significant impact on specific treatments necessary for the patient.  Lung cancer is still the leading cause of cancer-related deaths among men and women. Detecting lung cancer in it’s earliest stages, can be very difficult for scientists, but research is being developed to link a smartwatch and a tiny subdural sensor together, to help detect specific cancer cells.

At the University of Buffalo, New York, researchers are developing a tracking system that will monitor dermal layers and blood vessels to detect specific biomarkers linked specifically with lung cancer.

The challenge that many scientists understand, lung cancer and other diseases can have multiple bio-markers, and designing a tracker and a sensor with specificity in detecting specific lung cancer biomarkers will take time to develop.

The development and testing will be a 3-year project, after which the research team plans to present the technology to the National Science Foundation, where they plan to display a working prototype once completing lab testing on fake dummy arms that have fake blood pumping through.  Finally, human testing will be conducted to validate findings from a human clinical setting.

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