Xiaomi Tops Global Sales of Fitness Trackers

Xiaomi sales are resurrecting hopeful thoughts about the wearable and fitness tracker industry.  For the first time, Xiaomi sales have surpassed all other competitors in the industry; Apple Watch, Fitbit, and Samsung among others. It’s important to pay attention to the future of the industry, as brands come and go for varying reasons.  So what does Xiaomi attribute to the success?  I directed my research in finding out what the secret of success has been for the Chinese based company.

Over the past few financial quarters, Fitbit has been steadily slipping, with the struggle to match the success of the Apple watch, Fitbit dropped in sales and quarterly marketshare dropped from 29% to 16%.  Fitbit is caught between the low priced, and wide product range of Xiaomi, while struggling to compete with high-priced Multi-functional smartwatch leader, Apple.


Xiaomi offers a wider range of fitness products, at prices much lower than most wearable brands and attributes it’s recent increased success to brick-and-mortar stores throughout Asia.

Like other leaders in the wearable fitness tracker market, fitjewels has designed a beautiful jewelry alternative to the rubber bracelet. The design team at fitjewels came up with the Xiaomi Mi pendantXia“.

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The Xiaomi pendant “XIA” by fitjewels is made from Brass with 18K Gold Plating. The necklace and fitness tracker are not included, however the charm securely holds your Xiaomi Mi tracker.  The only time your tracker needs to be removed is for charging, though we do recommend that your fitness band be worn when sleeping or exercising.

Count your steps in style with fitjewels brand fitness jewelry for wearable brands like: Xiaomi, Fitbit, Misfit Ray, and coming later this year, fitjewels designs for Apple Watch.


– Handmade item from brass – 18K GOLD plated



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