Fitbit Ready to Release Smartwatch, fitjewels Plans to Answer

Lately, Fitbit has been slipping down in sales and market shares of the wearables and fitness tracker market.  I believe it is safe to assume, that the soon to be released Fitbit smartwatch, is Fitbit’s response to their decline in sales.

Fitbit launching a new smartwatch is good for Fitbit customers.  The success of Fitbit, means continued product improvements, customer service.  Fitbit is definitely due for a product boost, hopefully the smartwatch features will be the backbone, where the visual design is lacking.

The soon to be released Fitbit smartwatch is said to be available in three primary color schemes: darker case with a black strap, rose gold with a blue strap, and a silver case with navy strap.

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I recently spoke with fitjewels CEO & Lead Designer Anne Labs, about her plans to design alternative jewelry after the release of the new Fitbit Smartwatch. Anne, feels confident that the Fitbit smartwatch will allow for the ability to replace the rubber bands, allowing customers to change out the bands for a more fashionable and sophisticated look.  Until the release, the fitjewels design team has to wait to get their hands on a model in order to reverse engineer the specs of the watch in order to perfectly design replacement jewelry.

What can you expect from fitjewels replacement jewelry? The usual high-quality materials; stainless-steel, genuine leather, and color schemes designed to compliment and match your Fitbit Smartwatch, which is said to be released later this fall.

Count your steps in style with fitjewels brand replacement jewelry for wearable brands like; Fitbit, Misfit Ray, and soon fitjewels will offer Apple Watch jewelry.


– Available size up to 8 inches (circumference of your wrist) – High quality leather stingray leather – Butterfly Clasp - Nickel free – High quality leather stingray leather




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