Fashion Designers Offer Diversity for Smartwatch Consumers

The battle of smartwatches has taken on a new life.  Brand name designers are now offering Android wear compatible watches, creating even more variety and competition in the wearables arena.

Brands like Movado, Armani, Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, to name a few, are taking the smartwatch industry by storm.  The battle is no longer being dominated by Apple. Android wear is definitely creating a following for itself, teaming up with brands that not only sport your favorite Fashion Designers, but also meet the demand for fitness tracking and bluetooth phone connectivity.

So what is Apple doing to counter the Fashion Designer trend? Apple has teamed up with the renowned French Designer Hermès, with the hopes of competing with Android wear watches. But, will it be enough to hold off the Android wear smartwatch and it’s barrage of famous fashion designers.


Apple may also be planning to add LTE to the new Apple Watch when it releases an updated version this Fall.

Apple Inc. is planning to release a version of its smartwatch later this year that can connect directly to cellular networks, a move designed to reduce the device’s reliance on the iPhone, people familiar with the matter said.–Bloomberg

What does this mean for wearable brands who design and manufacture accessories for brands like Fitbit, and Misfit Ray who are currently working on the release of their own version of a smartwatch?

With so many new-comers to the smartwatch trend, one would like to believe that high-end, quality accessory designers will continue to evolve, to match the current trend of the fitness tracking and smartwatch conversion.

Regarding this specific topic, I had the opportunity to speak with Founder & Lead Designer of, Anne Labs, regarding her ideas of the future of the industry and what her plans are for her company.  Here is what Anne had to say.

Fitjewels plans to release a new collection of accessories after the release of the Apple Watch 3 series later this fall.  This is our first time making compatible jewelry for the Apple Watch, and we are excited to offer high-quality accessories for Apple, who is the current market leader in smartwatches, later this Fall.– Anne Labs,

The wearable industry doesn’t seem to be slowing down the way many industry experts have predicted. The battle for control of the smartwatch industry is taking on a new appearance, and companies who are financially able and willing to ride out the smartwatch wave, will have the opportunity to tap into a much larger audience, based on demand for watches that will allow you to leave your cell-phone behind and downsize your electronic dependency.

Look for new Apple Watch accessories from fitjewels this fall after the release of the new Apple Watch series 3, and don’t forget to count your steps in style with fitjewels brand accessories for current brands like; Fitbit, and Misfit Ray.


- Available size: 5.5-8.1 inch (circumference of your wrist) - Genuine High-Quality Leather - Stainless-Steel buckle



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