Waterproof Jewelry for Your Misfit Ray by fitjewels

Introducing the bracelet Fair by fitjewels.  Waterproof accessories that combine; versatility, beauty, and elegance can be hard to find for many fitness tracker brands, but not for the Misfit Ray.


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Whether you’re spending the day hiking, or spending the day swimming at the beach, the fitjewels “Fair” bracelet for the Misfit Ray will keep you looking stylish and ready for any type weather.

The fitjewels MISFIT RAY JEWELRY “FAIR  let’s you keep up with all your activity goals no matter the sport.

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The Misfit Ray Jewelry Fair by fitjewels is made from high-grade stainless steel, available in three stunning colors; RoseGoldSilver, & YellowGold. You can even mix and match the bracelets to add a beautiful, unique and personalized touch to your Misfit Ray.

Keep your Misfit Ray fitness tracker safe from the elements, while counting your steps in style with waterproof jewelry from fitjewels.


– Size up to 8 inches (circumference of your wrist) – Simply connect the band on the chip! – The indicator lamps are visible on the chip all the time – Don’t spoil your professional or dressy outfit with a plastic wristband – Gorgeous & in high quality



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