Jawbone’s Exit Means Saving’s on fitjewels Compatible Accessories


The slow demise of the Jawbone brand, has been a real topic of conversation, most recently.  From, legal battles with Fitbit, to financial woe’s, questionable customer service support, and the current company liquidation, the balance of the Jawbone brand has been a real game of teeter-totter for Jawbone customers.

So, what does this mean for the fitjewels brand accessories for Jawbone Up Move?  I spoke with fitjewels Founder/CEO & Lead Designer Anne Labs, to determine the impact this would have on fitjewels.

Here is what Anne had to say:

One of our goals at fitjewels, is to offer the highest-quality products on the market, and this includes our line of Jawbone Up Move accessories.  We are sad to see the end of the Jawbone Up Move fitness tracker, but understand the challenge of competing in the wearables market.  We plan to continue working hard to design products that will inspire, encourage and motivate fitness tracker enthusiasts to feel and look great, and hope that our loyal Jawbone Up Move customers, consider fitjewels brand wearable accessories for Fitbit and Misfit Ray, when they consider a new brand of fitness tracker.–Anne Labs. CEO/Founder & Lead Designer, fitjewels.com

According to sources, CEO & Founder of Jawbone Hosain Rahman, is focusing his efforts in a new direction and his focusing his knowledge of the wearable industry, towards the Healthcare industry, with a new company, Health Hut.  What exactly this means for current Jawbone Up Move products, is still unknown.  The question remains, can current Jawbone Technology be converted to still operate under the new organization Health Hub, or will all wearables from Jawbone become obsolete?

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Following the news of Jawbone liquidation, fitjewels has decided to offer huge savings on all remaining stock of the Jawbone Up Move accessories by fitjewels.

All Jawbone Up Move accessories by fitjewels are 50% off  with code “CloseOUT” the regular price.  Act now, while supplies last and save big on gifts for friends, family and even treat yourself.

Count your steps in style, with fitjewels brand wearable jewelry for brands like: Fitbit and Misfit Ray, and for a limited time, take 50% off with code “CloseOUT” all wearable accessories for Jawbone Up Move brand jewelry by fitjewels.

Use Code “CloseOUT” at checkout, on all Jawbone Up Move accessories by fitjewels.

Necklace Olympia – Jawbone Up Move Jewelry – Silver – made from stainless steel

– made from stainless steel – no copper or nickel is used – Rhodium plated – Chain: 30 inch (70cm)


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