This Smart Ring Can Pay Your Tab with a Swipe

How many times have you gone out to run errands and left your wallet at home? Why not use a hands-free method to pay a tab at a restaurant or when shopping. A Hong Kong based company is wanting to make bill-pay so much simpler with a smart wedding band that doubles as your credit card.

“Tappy”, was one of the latest jewelry tech pieces that was unveiled at the 2017 Las Vegas CES annual electronics show.  As long as their are contactless payment terminals, merely placing your hand near the terminal will allow you to pay your tab.

“The ring connects to the Tappy smartphone app, connecting to the wearer’s bank account. At least 10 big brands would be stocking Tappy rings in the first half of 2017” –said CEO and founder of Tappy Wayne Leung

Made of ceramic that does not need to be charged, because metal would interfere with wireless signal, Tappy is set to be released this fall.

Tappy can keep you connected to your bank account, and disguise itself as a ring. Similarly fitjewels can disguise your fitness tracker from brands like; Fitbit, Misfit Ray and Jawbone Up Move. Both brands will allow you to conceal your personal data, while looking stylish and trendy.

Count your steps in style with fitjewels wearable brand compatible jewelry for: Fitbit, Misfit Ray and Jawbone UP Move.


– Size up to 8 inches (circumference of your wrist) – Simply connect the band on the chip! – The indicator lamps are visible on the chip all the time – Don’t spoil your professional or dressy outfit with a plastic wristband – Gorgeous & in high quality


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