Biometric Gym Clothes for Serious Monitoring

Introducing, Hexoskin, for the serious athlete in your life, who understands just how important technology can be to your training. If you are looking for the perfect biometric athletic shirts, for guys and girls look no further. Hexoskin has developed a renowned product, that can assist athletes at any level.

But, Hexoskin isn’t just for the elite athlete, they have designed products for men, women and children who are dedicated to taking their sport and their health to another level. Founded in Montréal in 2006, “Hexoskin‘s mission is to record and organize personal health information to make it accessible and useful.”–

Hexoskin is the leader & pioneer in smart clothing and advanced body-worn sensing technologies. The Hexoskin‘s Connected Health Platform is an end-to-end system that offers advanced body-worn sensors, technology solutions, and data analytic services. Our open platform enables Third Party support & interoperability.–

As I mentioned earlier, the Hexoskin biometric shirts are not just for elite athletes, people of any age can use the unique features that monitor many important vital signs and biometric functions. Hexoskin is the only clinically validated system that allows ECG cardiac monitoring with lung function and activity monitoring, useful in conjunction with long-term patient care, creating a more comprehensive monitoring solution for high-risk patients, reducing doctor visits and travel, allowing for remote-monitoring by patient caregivers and easily communicates with several therapeutic areas such as Cardiology, Respiratory, Neurology, Mental Disorders, and Pediatrics.

Check out this page for clinical publications regarding sleep monitoring and how Hexoskin can help you monitor your sleep.

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 12.24.18 AM

The Hexoskin biometric shirts are safe for any sport, and are easy to care for. Made of machine washable, high-performance Italian fabric that is quick drying, breathable, anti-odor, chlorine resistant, and provides UV protection from extended periods outdoors.

Looking to take your fitness and health monitoring to a whole new level? Want to train like an elite athlete for any sport you can stay dedicated to? Hexoskin has the shirt and technology you have been looking for. The companion app is compatible with iOS, Android and Smartwatch platforms.

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