Dress Up Your Summer Fitness

Summer is upon us and it’s time to show off all the hard work and effort you made to get back in shape.

Add some Glamour to your fitness tracker with that fitjewels brand wearable jewelry and turn your ordinary fitness tracker into a beautiful piece of jewelry that is sure to grab anyone’s attention.

Your daily activities are way too important to risk losing, when you’re stuck trying to dress up a rubber bracelet. Featured below: Fitbit Flex 2 Hyde Bracelet by fitjewels

Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 11.04.04 AM


At fitjewels, our high-quality wearable jewelry is designed to conceal your fitness tracker with high-quality materials; stainless steel, genuine leather, sterling silver and 18kt gold.

The fitjewels designers are dedicated to adding quality to your every day fitness tracker for brands likes: FitbitFitbit charge 2, Fitbit Alta/Alta HR, Fitbit Flex/Flex 2, and Fitbit OneMisfit Ray & Jawbone Up Move.

Don’t get caught looking ordinary this summer, add Beauty & Glamour to your fitness tracker with that fitjewels brand wearable jewelry.


- Available sizes S-M (5.5-6.5) M-L (6.5-7.5) and L-XL (7.5-9) inches (circumference of your wrist) - Easy to connect the band to the activity tracker! - Indicator lamps are always visible - Don't ruin your professional or dressy outfit with a plastic wristband - Beautiful design & high quality



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