How to Monitor Your Sleep Habits

The fitness market is full of fitness trackers, offering to monitor many important aspects of our daily lives, while inundating us with useful tips that’s are supposed to help improve the quality of our lives.

If you are like me, you might agree that sleep is one of the most important activities, which, most people probably don’t get enough of. For that reason a company came up with the perfect solution called, Beddit!

Beddit is a way to monitor many of the important aspects of sleep patterns including; Heart Rate, Breathing, Snoring, and Bedroom Environment.

Beddit Monitors:

Sleep time
Sleep efficiency
Time to fall asleep
Restless sleep
Sleep cycles
Light/Deep sleep
Wake-up time
Away from bed
Awake in bed
Sleep score

Waking up tired can be due to many reasons. Unlike apps or wearable activity trackers, Beddit is made for the bedroom. There is nothing to wear and nothing to remember every day. All you need to do is sleep.  —

Beddit is the perfect sleep technology to help you understand your specific sleep habits and how to improve them.

The Beddit Sleep Monitoring System adds to your daily daytime activity tracking, linking your daytime habits to your night time habits, improving how the two affect one another.

Now, you can truly learn how to monitor your “Beauty Rest”, without having to wear your fitness tracker to bed.

At fitjewels, we really do care about our customers. We continue to promote our favorite tracking technology brands, useful in improving a variety of activities in your daily life. We know that feeling good and looking your best, starts with a good nights sleep.

Count your steps in style with fitjewels wearable jewelry for your favorite fitness trackers like; Fitbit, Misfit Ray and Jawbone Up Move.



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