A Wearable That Helps Determine Your Optimal Fertility Window

In the spirit of Mother’s Day, fitjewels would like to share another valuable piece of technology that has been useful to aspiring mothers who are interested in understanding the most ideal time for her to get pregnant.

While, there is tons of hype around Heart Rate monitors, GPS monitors and many apps that work to simplify and promote Health and wellness, the Ava Ovulation Tracking Bracelet, is meant to help couples find their optimal fertility window more simply.

What if tracking your pulse could unlock the secret to understanding when you are the most fertile, while increasing your chances to conceive.

As mentioned the product I am referring to is called the Ava Ovulation Tracking Bracelet. Here is how Ava works;

Worn at night, Ava is clinically proven to detect the very beginning of the fertile window- in real time as it happens. –Avawomen.org

The software tracks symptoms, creates a trend analysis, allowing a couples to understand the different aspects of her monthly cycle, regarding her overall health each month.

Using graph analysis is useful in helping a couple to more  accurately time intercourse around the most fertile window during a specific month.

The Ava monitor tracks; Sleep Patterns (the quality and quantity of sleep you’re getting each night are important parameters to track for your fertility), Movement (Ava tracks your movement with an accelerometer, this parameter allows Ava to distinguish between light and deep + REM sleep), Physical Stress Levels, Breathing Rate (rate of respiration per minute), Heat Loss (as you lose heat through your hands and feet, your skin temperature increases and your core body temperature decreases), Bio-impedance (this parameter provides information about the skin, including hydration and sweating patterns), Perfusion (as blood flows through your capillaries, it delivers nutrients to the tissues and helps sweep away waste), and because it is worn at night, it tracks her Resting Pulse Rate (Scientific literature shows that resting pulse rate is lower during the follicular phase than the luteal phase); giving the user an overall idea of her physiological health and whether her current lifestyle is supporting a more favorable and healthy body for conception.

If planning to get pregnant sounds like a huge undertaking, the Ava Ovulation Tracking Bracelet was developed to relieve some of the stress and mystery behind when your body is most susceptible to becoming pregnant.

At fitjewels, we understand how important it can be to perfectly plan your pregnancy, and we want to make sure that your health and wellness are part of your optimal fertility equation.

You can track your ovulation cycle’s with Ava Ovulation Tracking Bracelets, but don’t forget to track your health in style with fitjewels wearable jewelry for; Fitbit, Misfit Ray, and Jawbone Up Move fitness trackers.

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