Using Wearables to Track Your Third Trimester

At fitjewels, our customers are very important to us. We want to continue promoting companies and wearable technology that matches our core family values. With Mother’s Day just around the corner the CEO/lead designer of fitjewels and mother of one, Anne Labs wants to continue offering the latest news in today’s Techware.

While doing some research, I came across one of the newest products for pregnant mothers, that can be worn under the belly button, to monitor the health and contractions of her growing fetus. The company is Bloomlife.

Bloomlife can monitor any stage, but can be most effective during the last six weeks, which is the final trimester, in order to gauge and track contractions.

Here is how Bloomlife works, the sensor is attached to an adhesive patch, which can be worn day or night, with each patch lasting around seven days. The sensor sync’s up to your mobile device via Bluetooth, recording all of your important data concerning frequency of contractions.

The sensor tracks each contraction, calculating frequency, duration and time, while using the Bloomlife history mode, allowing the user to review and understand contraction patterns and how they are changing. It’s like having a second opinion right at your fingertips.

Bloomlife even recommends their product for pregnant women during her Braxton- Hicks contractions, the pre-labor contractions that are described by the American Pregnancy Association as; Irregular, in-frequent, unpredictable, non-rhythmic, uncomfortable, and less intense contractions.

The Bloomlife sensor can be used for twins as well as a single fetus. The sensor is a rentable device and all your patches are covered by the rental contract.

At fitjewels, we believe that families are the most important thing in the world, and we want to encourage our loyal customers, who are considering extending their family, to consider using Bloomlife to monitor and track your final trimester.

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