Jawbone to Exit Consumer Market, Focus More on Clinical Services Industry

According to several sources including; Techcrunch, Forbes and Engadget, Jawbone has decided to redirect the focus of the company, towards the Clinical Services Industry. This means abandoning the consumer market for a more B2B model. Designing products specifically designed to track and monitor patients being continuously monitored due to a life threatening disease or illness.

Jawbone has already made moves towards the Healthcare sector. It reportedly spent $100 million purchasing the company Body Media, the makers of a more highly sophisticated wearable sensor, and the firm that conducted a trial program, partnering with the  U.S. health insurer Cigna, in order to track the health of high-risk diabetic Americans.

Opening up more opportunities in the medical device industry: Jawbone acquired Spectros, a smaller, heavy hitter in the molecular sensor and imaging device market. Devices capable of remote monitoring, allowing patients with life-threatening diseases, to be more closely monitored by physicians remotely. Spectros founder David Benaron MD, became the chief medical officer, which includes a seat on the board.

As of January 2017, it was revealed that Jawbone would be cutting its global workforce by 6% and its shares have been trading 70% below their IPO price of $20.

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