Is the Alta HR the Next Upgrade for Fitbit?

Several sources have hinted to the release of the Fitbit Alta HR. With the success of the Fitbit Charge 2 & Fitbit Alta, it seems fitting that Fitbit would offer a more complete package to the Fitbit Alta fan. Adding the Heart Rate monitoring feature to the already successful device, seems like the next logical step for the tracker. From the photo, you can clearly see a more durable, sturdy band with a true watch buckle style band, and the Heart indicator on the screen, denoting the existence of the HR feature.

As I was doing some research on the Fitbit Alta HR, I stumbled across multiple tech sites that mention this mysterious Fitbit Alta HR, so I decided to dig even further, and found where the Fitbit Alta HR is being sold at Amazon UK. Though, it shows that stock of the Fitbit Alta HR is “Temporarily Out of Stock“, which begs the question, where can I find this elusive product? Or when does Fitbit plan to announce a release?


So, why is the US not part of this product release so far? One can only speculate that Fitbit is either conducting market testing, specifically in the U.K., or due to the recent release and upgrade to the Fitbit Charge HR 2 in September of 2016, the release of a new Heart Rate monitor joining the Fitbit family, may be some time off.

Based on the success of the current Fitbit Alta, which has won multiple Tech awards in 2017 already (refer to my previous blog, The Award Goes to!),  it makes perfect sense, that Fitbit would want to ride the wave of success of the original Fitbit Alta, as long as they can, before adding such a significant new feature to the Alta collection.

Both,, have written recent articles about the rumors surrounding the Fitbit Alta HR, and whether and when it will be unveiled by Fitbit. A recent quote by Fitbit CEO James Clark states:

“Looking forward, we believe Fitbit is in a unique position to stimulate new areas of demand by leveraging the data we collect to deliver a more personalized experience while developing upgraded versions of existing products and launching additional products to expand into new categories.”

If you are a Fitbit Alta fan, but have considered upgrading to a Heart Rate monitor for your next purchase, it seems you have two options. 1) Wait for the potential release or announcement of the Fitbit Alta Hr, or 2) Switch over to the Award winning Fitbit Charge 2 Hr. Either way, check out the replacement jewelry for your Fitbit trackers at At fitjewels, we make beautiful, high quality bracelets and necklaces to compliment your fitness accessories.

Count your steps in style, with fitjewels brand wearable jewelry for many of the Fitbit trackers: Fitbit Charge 2, Fitbit Flex/Flex 2, Fitbit Alta/Alta HR, and Fitbit One, & Misfit Ray.  Look for the release of Apple Watch Series 3 jewelry by fitjewels this Fall.


– Available sizes S-M (5.5-6.5) M-L (6.5-7.5) and L-XL (7.5-9) inches (circumference of your wrist) – Easy to connect the band on the chip! – You can see the indicator lamps on the chip all the time – Don’t ruin your professional or dressy outfit with a plastic wristband – Beautiful & high quality



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