Could GPS Be in the Future for fitjewels?

I sat down with the owner and head designer of fitjewels, Anne Labs, to ask a few questions about what was in the future for fitjewels. I was curious to find out what consumers could expect to be the next collection released by fitjewels? Who are their target audiences? What brand of tech will the fitjewels tracker jewelry be compatible with? And lastly, what type of products and designs will be available, i.e. braclets, necklaces, kids wear, pet wear?

Her response:

“The designers at fitjewels are excited to offer a new PingGPS tracker Jewelry collection by fitjewels. We will be creating a new jewelry collection, PingGPS Tracker Jewelry by fitjewels, for a more fashionable look for your GPS tracker for kids. Our designs will be focused around Kids GPS Necklaces, and Kids GPS Bracelets. We also plan to design GPS Tracker Jewelry for Adults, (Adults GPS Necklaces, Adults GPS Bracelets, Adult GPS Hair Clips, & Adult GPS Broaches).”–Anne Labs, Founder & Lead Designer for fitjewels

fitjewels, which customizes jewelry based on target market trends, Is reaching into the GPS market, to grab of portion of the GPS wearable fashion market for kids, adults, and pets. As a technology device for kids, it is important for each child to express their individuality and uniqueness while reducing the perception of being monitored by their parents. For pets, the tracker has to be small of enough to attach to a collar, or harness. And, adults most likely need it to be a versatile piece, able to be jewelry, or any type of accessory.

“We want to be the go to brand for you and your Kids GPS Tracker Jewelry, Kids GPS Necklaces, Kids GPS Bracelets, PingGPS Tracker Jewelry, and Kids PingGPS Tracker.”–Anne Labs, Founder & Lead Designer for fitjewels

As a parent, founder/owner and lead designer for fitjewels, Anne Labs has a passion for the PingGPS product line and the genuine value it offers. Her passion for jewelry, and the idea of being able to create a collection of Kids GPS tracker jewelry, maximizes the benefits for target consumers, while also creating a fashionable product line, that not only looks great, but makes the world a safer place for children and families.

Expected release is mid October 2017 for fitjewels PingGPS Kids GPS Tracker Jewelry, Kids GPS Necklaces, Kids GPS Bracelets, PingGPS Tracker Jewelry, and Kids PingGPS Tracker by fitjewels.

Count your steps in style, with fitjewels brand wearable jewelry for many of the Fitbit trackers: Fitbit Charge 2, Fitbit Flex/Flex 2, Fitbit Alta/Alta HR, and Fitbit One, & Misfit Ray.  Look for the release of Apple Watch Series 3 jewelry by fitjewels this Fall.



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