fitjewels Pendants and Necklace Sets

Bracelets and wristband fitness trackers are not for everyone, so fitjewels has taken the time to design Pendants and Necklace Sets, to meet your fitness tracking goals.

At fitjewels, we have Pendant designs for a variety of fitness brands like: Jawbone Up Move, Fitbit Flex/Flex 2, Fitbit One, Misfit Shine, Sony Smartband SWR10, and Xiaomi Mi Band.

The Jawbone Up Move Necklace sets by fitjewels, has two versions to choose from, Olympia and Mia. The Olympia Collection, is made of genuine Stainless Steel in 5 different colors; Stainless Steel/Black, Stainless Steel /Silver, Stainless Steel/Gold, and Stainless Steel/Rose Gold. The Mia Collection, showcases a Sterling Silver design, in 5 color schemes, Stainless Steel/Black, Stainless Steel /Silver, Stainless Steel/Gold, and Stainless Steel/Rose Gold. Most selections of the Mia Collection, also include Zirconia stones.

For the Fitbit Flex/Flex 2 Pendants and Necklace sets by fitjewels, we designed two categories, the “Basic Collection” and the “Exclusive Collection.” The Basic Collection offers the Soma and Rocco designs, each made of stainless steel in Silver, Gold, or Rose Gold. The Exclusive Collection, has the Sky and Lilo versions, both made of Sterling silver in Rose Gold.

For the Sony Smartband Pendants by fitjewels we designed the Lea Collection, made of Sterling Silver with genuine 18kt gold plating. A beautiful, and elegant Pendant to keep you connected.

fitjewels has designed a special Pendant for the Xiaomi Mi Band, the Xia Pendant, made of Brass, with genuine 18kt gold plating. This simple and elegant design, will be a staple accessory for your fitness tracking needs.

The goal of fitjewels is to show that function and fashion do not need to be mutually exclusive. The purpose of fitjewels is to give men and women an effort to improve their health and well-being affordable and stylish options to always look suitable and in fashion. Fitness and Fashion come together as one with fitjewels.

Count your steps in style, with fitjewels brand wearable jewelry for many of the Fitbit trackers: Fitbit Charge 2, Fitbit Flex/Flex 2, Fitbit Alta/Alta HR, and Fitbit One, & Misfit Ray.  Look for the release of Apple Watch Series 3 jewelry by fitjewels this Fall.


- stainless steel - no copper or nickel is used - silver, gold or rose gold plated - Height 1.75, width 0.6, depth 0.4 inch - Chain: 30 inch (76cm)



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