Turn Off Politics! Get Up and Get Active!

Are you as sick of hearing about politics as I am? Then turn off your tv, put down your iPad, and sign off of Facebook. We are engulfed in too much news, too much intolerance, and way too much information. How do I counter this affect? Let me suggest a few ways that can encourage you to find healthy alternatives to sitting around in all the negativity of the world.  Here are a few suggestions of more healthy things you can get involved in with your loved one and retake control of what is more important to you, your health and wellness.

Hiking, when it isn’t raining, hiking is one of my favorite past times. Going on a hike with your loved one, is a really good time to get your heart rate up, explore nature around your community, and it can be a good time to focus on more positive moments in life. Don’t forget to wear your fitness tracker. After all, a 3-4 mile hike will have plenty of pay off, burning calories, steps walked, HR intervals, and GPS monitoring.

Biking, is one of my all time favorites. I fell in love with Mountain Biking in college, and get plenty of opportunities to partake in the many trails all around the Bay Area. This is a sport that you can do with the whole family. Whether road biking, mountain biking, or backcountry and dirt road exploring, biking is a very healthy way to get plenty of exercise. Even the most casual bike ride can be relaxing and healthy for anyone of any level.

Snowboarding/Skiing, is a very fun activity that you can spend the day, maneuvering down snow covered slopes, and wearing your fitness tracker never seemed so easy. I recently picked up snowboarding, and I very much felt like I was in my first week of yoga. As much work as it took for me to stay up right, centering my body, I felt like I had certainly hiked several miles. Winter can cause a lot of people to stay home and become more sedentary. I know boredom can set in, for some this means excessive eating, and often very little exercise. Winter sports are so much fun, and a great mini vacation weekend in Tahoe. Make the most of your opportunities, no matter the type of weather.

Yoga/Pilates, classes are a great way to spend an hour working on your core strength, breathing, cardio, balance, and above all, stretching and lot of living in the moment. Wear your fitness tracker to a 1.5 hr yoga class, and tell me you didn’t work hard during that time. Getting involved in fitness classes that focus on slowing down the aging process of your muscles, bones, brain and over all health, is a good way to inspire one another.

At fitjewels, we gain our inspiration from exploring, and being active. After all, the company is founded off an idea that staying active, should be a daily part of everyone’s routine. We want to inspire everyone to stay active, and look great doing it.


- Available size: 5.5-8.1 inch (circumference of your wrist) - Easy to connect the band to the activity tracker! - Indicator lamps are always visible - Don't ruin your professional or dressy outfit with a plastic wristband - Beautiful design & high quality - Tool to take links out included




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