fitjewels is Starting an Office Trend!

Finding your professional style never looked so elegant. Let fitjewels be your next fashion trend at work. Our fitjewels wearable jewelry is designed for the fashion forward fitness inspired. We know you appreciate the look and feel of high end jewelry pieces. Your new look will have everyone in the office talking.

When you wear fitjewels wearable jewelry, people will notice just how serious you are about your fitness and health goals. After all, your goal is to get back in shape, so you deserve to excentuate your look. Our fitness tracker designs, are meant to be worn by the casual or sophisticated individuals.

Choose from necklaces or bracelets, to upgrade your look. We have designed our pieces to be elegant, while maintaining the high quality appeal, anyone can appreciate.

Be the topic of conversation and take credit for starting a new office trend, with fitjewels fitness bracelets and necklaces sets for Fitbit, Jawbone Up Move & Misfit Ray


- Available in sizes S-M (5.5-6.5) M-L (6.5-7.5) and L-XL (7.5-9) inches (circumference of your wrist) - Simply connect the band on the chip! - The indicator lamps are visible on the chip all the time - Don't spoil your professional or dressy outfit with a plastic wristband - Gorgeous & in high quality


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