Should Wearable Technology Be Covered by Insurance?

Think of how expensive health care is today. Premiums are at an all time high. And, with Republicans doing everything they can to repeal ACA, or Obamacare (FYI, they are the same thing), there should be some perks to staying healthy.

Healthcare coverage should be based on keeping people well. Educating people about how to live a healthier, happier lifestyle. I believe their should be perks to not only maintaining good healthcare coverage, but helping to drive down the costs by limiting the need for healthcare services. Insurance companies want to limit the amount of money they are paying out for healthcare services, so why not provide motivational tools that encourage people to gain control of their wellbeing. People are willing to pay for insurance, if their are tangible incentives to protecting yourself with healthcare coverage.

Obviously, not everyone can afford equal coverage, and some people require more services. I am not here to debate the healthcare system, I simply believe we should get more from insurance premiums.

Teach kids early, to be aware of caloric intake, and output. Teaching the importance of monitoring your activity levels, can be intricate towards improving the overall healthiness of our nation.

Insurance companies could create fitness challenges, obviously you have to maintain coverage to participate. And, just like office challenges, there can be real rewards and benefits for getting involved. A fitness tracker can be such a useful tool, that insurance companies should consider partnering with employers and wearable brands, improving many aspects to our current healthcare insurance system. I would gladly maintain coverage if I was rewarded for being more involved in my own health.

Lets suppose you have diabetes, and your doctor recommends you make some specific changes in your exercise, sleep and diet. If your insurance company were to provide a fitness tracker, supposing that you comply with wearing it, this allows your doctor to monitor and report any changes in your disease. This could lower the chances of being reimbursed for services, if the patient can prove that they are actively participating in their own recovery.

We deserve to get more from our insurance coverage, especially if we are working hard to minimize the amount of services we require. Insurance companies should play a more active role in preventive medicine, and utilizing a fitness tracker as a data collection tool can be a useful piece of current technology that has taken the fitness world by storm.


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