Can Fitness Trackers Help Senior Citizens?

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Seniors, more than any age group should be monitoring their health. The more we age, the more wear and tear on our bodies. Seyeing up a personalized monitoring program can greatly benefit the aging population. Technology can keep the aging population motivated and involved in healthy trends, designed to improve their quality of life. Encouraging every age group to participate in healthy activities, improves society as a whole. The senior population deserves to be involved in todays health related technologies.

What are some of the benefits seniors can gain from wearing a fitness tracker?

GPS tracking, can save anyone’s life. In cases of emergency, a family or friend would be able to locate their loved one. This is especially useful for anyone suffering from DImentia or Alzheimer’s.

Heart rate monitoring is especially important in the aging population. Heart disease is an extremely important topic in any age group, and especially common with elderly citizens. This feature can be linked to the GPS feature, and alerts can be sent, in cases of unusual increases or decreases in Heart Rate.

The activity tracking and reminder features, are very useful to encourage someone to get up and move. Often with the elderly, lack of movement and exercise, exacerbates; bone loss, decreased muscle strength and overall lack of mobility.

Encouraging your elderly family memeber to wear a fitness tracker and to get active, can be challenging for some, because of many different reasons. However, the overall health and well being of our senior citizens, is vital to improving our healthcare system and reducing cost.

A report from the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services:

“The elderly receive more medical attention than any other U.S. demographic. Senior citizens make up 13 percent of the U.S. population but account for 34 percent of healthcare-related spending as of 2010.”

Click on the full article:

No matter your stance on healthcare, it should be apparent that elderly population is a very important demographic. Utilizing new technology can be a key component to reducing not only spending, but increasing the life expectancy and happiness for the aging loved ones in our lives.


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