How Does Technology & Exercise Improve Your Health?

Do yourself a favor, turn off the t.v., put on your running shoes, or pump up your bike tires, it’s time to focus on something other than politics. This is the perfect time to find more important distractions. Strap on your fitness tracker and go out and get some fresh air.

With so many ways to get back into shape, creating a routine, and tracking your physical activity has never been easier. There are some amazing fitness trackers out there, with so many features to assist you in meeting your specific fitness and health goals.

Working out helps to increase cardio levels, increases serotonin levels (neurotransmitter linked to calming affects in the brain), reduces coritizol levels (linked to high-stress levels and caused by low glucose levels). Increasing serotonin improves mood and sleep, (a good fitness tracker can track sleep patterns, an indicator of possible neurotransmitter deficiency), lack of sleep can cause high stress levels, which lead to high cortisone levels, which is linked to sickness. The circle goes on and on. This is where it is necessary for you to improve how you think about your health, and what your responsibilities are in monitoring and collecting useful information that can have long term implications down the road.

So what can we do to offset some of these issues? There are so many moving parts to this answer, and I am sure I will not mention them all.

First, be open to trying something new and radical. Deciding to change your diet and creating a challenging exercise routine, can be a rigorous process. But, being open to new foods and exercise trends, can be very motivating.

Second, seek advice from professionals. Improper planning of a new diet & exercise routine, can have adverse affects, if not properly executed.

Third, have your Doctors office collect a wide spectrum blood panel, this can provide a lot of useful information regarding diet changes and needs, and can help you determine what level of strenuous excercise is right for you. Remember, everyone’s body is different, so it’s good to fully understand your own.

Fourth, the best exercise for anyone, is the one you will stick with long term. Get a fitness tracker, to help collect all of your activities. The right one will remind you of your daily goals, track your sleep, provide GPS tracking to map your favorite routes and distance, count your calories burned, and monitor your Heart Rate. Heart health and monitoring is vital in maintaining all around wellness.

Technology can only do so much to help improve your physical condition, you have to actually put the time and effort in, for any of this to work. Time for change, and over coming the hurdles of health and well being, is now. Don’t put off the importance of taking better care of yourself. Your first steps towards a healthier you, are directly in front of you.


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