What Are People Saying About fitjewels?

In the fall of 2016, Fitbit released upgrades to the Fitbit Flex. Following an announcement of this upgrade earlier in the year, fitjewels introduced some fitness tracker jewelry pieces to match the upgrade. Click the link to see our line of jewelry for the Fitbit Flex & Flex 2 bracelets by fitjewels.


The fitjewels brand is building a global presence, so we wanted ensure we were getting useful feedback outside of the U.S. To do so, we recently teamed up with a Travel & Lifestyle blog site by Lucy O., of Northern Wales, U.K. —yellowicing.blogspot.co.uk— We didn’t break with tradition, we mailed Lucy several pieces and requested a thorough and honest opinion of fitjewels fitness tracker jewelry for her Fitbit Flex. Lucy chose two of fitjewels Fusion bracelets, 1) gold/gold and 2) gold/black. Check out the link to read the full article:

“Having a pretty alternative to my bright green rubber band has revolutionised my life!”–Lucy O.



With fitjewels being a San Francisco based company, we wanted to hear what U.S. blog sites also have to say. We also recently teamed up with Beauty, Fashion, Fitness & Lifestyle blog site…..–Its a Glam Thing

I was in contact with Fashion & Lifestyle blogger Donna Raheb for Its a Glam Thing. Donna follows a lot of current fashion and beauty trends, with a successful blogging career, Donna’s review of fitjewels seemed like a perfect match. We were pleased Donna chose the Fitbit Flex Soma Bracelet and the Fitbit Alta Noe Bracelets by fitjewels. Click the link to read Donna’s full review:

“It is quite a conversational piece because most people don’t realize it’s hiding an activity tracker so they won’t see this jewelry in a jewelry store. Each piece is very unique!”–Donna Raheb


We recently had the chance to be reviewed by a fellow North Carolinian, Melinda Jackson. Melinda hosts a Fashion & Lifestyle blog, along with her work in PR. She has worked hard in pursuing her dream of being an entertainment publicist. And, we welcome her review of her Fitbit Charge 2: Bracelet Avila & Bracelet Glen (in Rose Gold),  Fitbit Alta Bangle Artemis – (Silver/Gold Glitter) & Fitbit Flex 2 Necklace Sky (in Rose Gold).

“There are plenty of companies out there who offer accessories for your fitness tracker but in my opinion, fitjewels has the best selection.”–Melinda Jackson



– Available sizes: small (up to 6.5 inches circumference of your wrist) – Easy to click the tracker inside the bangle! – Indicator lamps are always visible – Don’t ruin your professional or dressy outfit with a plastic wristband – Beautiful design & high quality stainless steel


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