Is there a Future in Wearables for Kids?

Is this an untapped market? Marketing products to kids, can be risky industry, specifically regarding GPS devices, and data storage trackers. There are many pros and cons that parents and manufacturers would want to address. However, I think it is an interesting topic, worth analyzing. Here is a list of debatable pros and cons.

1. Parental monitoring–depending on the features of the fitness tracker your kid is wearing, will affect just how much parents need to monitor their child’s fitness tracker.  If your kid is wearing a GPS model fitness tracker, and they are online sharing their fitness tracking updates with friends, this could create some privacy concerns protecting your kids. These features give constant updating, real time information, and would need to be adjusted and monitored with specific privacy settings, but it can definitely be done by the parents. However, the parents could sync the fitness tracker to their phone, monitoring activity levels, their child’s Heart Rate, and the parent is able to be more involved in their kids health and wellness, while having the ability to track their kids location in times of need.

2. Durability–kids are rough on everything, I could have destroyed an anvil. Manufacturing a fitness tracker for kids, would need to be something easy to wear, fun enough for them to want to wear, sturdy enough to handle a lot of abuse, but designed to keep kids from wanting to take them off. The point is, we are trying to teach kids responsibility, and make sure that we are focusing on of some of their basic needs, health and wellness is as important to talk about, as our own fitness needs.

3. Functionability–a fitness tracker can do so many things for kids and parents. It can be a watch, a fitness tracker, a GPS tracker, reminding your kids to take a break and find an activity outside. Schools could even begin implementing rewards programs, incentives for kids to not only excel academically in the classroom, but getting physically healthy as well. Kids need encouragement and guidance, to become well rounded students. Kids also love technology, keeping up with something that is also school related, could teach them responsibility. The list of ideas are endless, and starting now with your kids, will prepare them to live healthier, more balanced lives.

4. Safety–purchasing a fitness tracker for your kid, that is also a GPS tracker, can have both pros and cons. Being able to locate your kids, monitor where they are and have been, can be a debatebale topic. Technology that allows parents to monitor the whereabouts of their kids, also means other people can possibly have the same ability. When it comes to our kids, technology can entertain them while you cook, but monitoring all of their activities is a bigger challenge. Choosing to buy your kid a GPS/fitness tracker comes with responsibilities, that the parents are setting up parental controls, so that only they can track their kids and can get ahold of the kids private information stored in either the tracker or the program the kids are using for their fitness tracker.

5. Cost–will your kids keep up with this investment? Let’s face it, fitness trackers are not cheap, and the more bells and whistles, obviously the higher price tag. So, how do you make sure you get the right one for your kids? I suggest consider these things–how responsible are your kids? How active are they? How destructive are they? Do you want to be able to track their location? What health issues are you concerned about?

This market is certainly a finicky demographic. Designing the perfect tracker, that covers the gambit of wearables for kids, could prove to be a challenge, but I am excited to see the industry explode.

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