Considering Buying Her A Fitness Tracker?

Shopping for the perfect gift for your wife or girlfriend can seem like one of the toughest tasks of the entire year. Undoubtedly, you want to get her something that rewards her for all of her year long accomplishments, and you want to motivate her to keep working hard, and challenging herself.

I think it is perfectly acceptable to question, if getting her a fitness tracker, can seem somewhat insensitive. For example, a few years back, a close girlfriend of mine would regularly mention that she knew she needed to join a gym and get control of her health, keep in mind this was several years before the sophisticated fitness trackers we have today. For a Holiday gift that year, I got my girl/friend a gym membership, thinking that she would be glad for the nudge, for listening to her, and because she wouldn’t have to pay for it. But, it totally backfired on me, she felt insulted, feeling that my intentions were in poor taste. Looking back, I think that my biggest mistake was that I didn’t consider the impact of my gift, related to her lifestyle.

So, how do you avoid insulting someone with fitness gifts? My suggestion, based on my previous experience, is to get involved. If you get someone a gym membership, make sure you get yourself a membership. And, encourage your loved one by creating a schedule, of when you both can go together. It doesn’t have to be every time you go to the gym, a few times a week together can really motivate and even challenge your partner.

To further reiterate my point, I suggest that you go all in, when it comes to fitness as a gift. Buy her and yourself a fitness tracker (make sure you research them well), along with gym memberships, and changing your diet. Remember, most women worry about how they look. So, don’t forget to consider these questions when you are thinking of buying her a fitness tracker.

1. What type of activities is she interested in?
2. What are the features you are looking for?
3. Can she wear her fitness tracker with everything?
If not, can the tracker be removed from the factory band?
4. Is she meticulous in her clothes, jewelry and fashion?

These few questions can be helpful in narrowing down some of your final choices after you have done your main research and analysis. As for question 3 & 4, this is the added bonus, an extra way if you will, to show how much you truly appreciate her. Do some research on replacement jewelry for her fitness tracker. Fitness tracker jewelry is a very fashionable way for her to wear her fitness tracker (she will remember where she got the jewelry, every time she wears it) in any situation. When you give her options on how to wear a fitness tracker, I believe you are increasing your chances of getting a warm reception, after buying her fitness gifts as your yearly gift of appreciation.

Show me someone who doesn’t appreciate getting a surprise, an extra gift, just when she thinks she has opened them all. This can seal the deal, after all, you now have matching gym memberships, matching fitness trackers, and in some way you are telling her she needs to exercise more. Getting her some fitness tracker jewelry to compliment, the potentially awkward set of gifts, can be your saving grace.

At, we define fitness tracker jewelry. We have designed jewelry designed specifically for the fashion conscience, fitness beginner or expert in your life. We offer quality, style, and a wide variety of fitness tracker bracelets, pendants, and necklace sets, to compliment your loved one on her fitness journey.

Check out our different Fitbit jewelry collections for: Fitbit Alta, Fitbit One, and our new designs for the Fitbit Flex/Flex 2 & Fitbit Charge HR 2.

Also, checkout our fitness tracker jewelry for; Misfit Ray and Jawbone Up Move.


- Available in sizes S-M (5.5-6.5) M-L (6.5-7.5) and L-XL (7.5-9) inches (circumference of your wrist) - Simply connect the band on the chip! - The indicator lamps are visible on the chip all the time - Don't spoil your professional or dressy outfit with a plastic wristband - Gorgeous & in high quality


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