Why I Track My Activities


I am a real Southerner who loves to cook and of course I love Southern cuisine. We all know that Southern food isn’t always the most healthy food choices, because of this, I knew it was time to get serious about staying active and being healthy. Deciding this meant that I needed to make some changes regarding monitoring my health, and I knew I needed to turn to the newest fitness tracking technology to help me track my activity levels. Weight control is essential to this process, checkout this article from WebMD.


I realized I should be tracking my heart health, so I settled on testing several brands. I wanted a fitness tracker that would allow me to check my HR, remind me when I have been sitting too long, keep up with how many calories I am burning, and a tracker that could also function as a watch and sleep monitor.

There are several brands and versions of activity trackers, with the ability to check you HR, but I wanted it to look high-tech and cutting edge. After testing several models, I fell in love with Fitbit Charge. I was aware of the buzz surrounding Fitbit, and the allergic reactions people were having from the rubber bracelets that come standard with the tracker. Having alternative jewelry options like fitjewels, is really ideal for someone like myself that is trying to get serious about taking charge of his health again, but I also believe that looking good keeps me healthy as well, it’s a psychological thing.

Now that Fitbit has released the new Fitbit Charge 2, it seemed really important for fitjewels to design Fitbit Charge 2 jewelry that would compliment the personality of the hard worker who values style and quality. We also wanted to keep our pieces unisex in design. We think anyone should be able to wear fitjewels fitness tracker jewelry. Thanks to fitjewels, I no longer have an excuse for not taking better care of myself, and I can look good doing it.


- Available size: 5.5-8.1 inch (circumference of your wrist) - Easy to connect the band to the activity tracker! - Indicator lamps are always visible - Don't ruin your professional or dressy outfit with a plastic wristband - Beautiful design & high quality - Tool to take links out included


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