Set Your New Years Resolution in Style

If you’re like myself, you are probably already thinking about what your New Year’s resolution should be. Who doesn’t have a list of things that they could change? I write down pros and cons, what I do well, and the crucial areas I need to work harder on. My fitness level can always use some tweaking and I for one need to increase my cardio. It’s easy to change your routine, but good luck tracking your progress without a fitness tracker.

Even the most popular brands and models ruin any attire, aside from sports related clothing. Keeping up with your fitness goals doesn’t have to look and feel like you are always prepared for a 10k. I don’t judge you if you are that person who constantly checks their heart rate at the table on date night, while waiting to make a full out sprint to the car just to burn those extra few calories after dinner. At fitjewels, we believe we can help conceal your OCD in style.

Our goal at fitjewels is to inspire you, and encourage you to look and feel the best you you can muster up every day, dragging yourself to the gym until it no longer feels like a chore. We want you to look good and feel great, all while setting and attaining your New Year’s goals.

The idea behind fitjewels is to make affordable, beautiful pieces, delivered to you or your loved one, crafted in the highest quality materials on the market. We have designs for a variety of Fitbit compatible fit tracker jewelry, i.e. the Fitbit One, Charge 2, Alta, and Flex. Other brands include the Misfit Ray and Jawbone Up Move. We offer these brands in bracelets and necklace sets.

Put your best foot forward this coming New Year and do it in style with

Buy before December 1st and receive 20% off at, using code BF20.


- Watch Band size: up to 8 inches (circumference of your wrist) - Bracelet sizes: Small (5.5-6.5 inches) and Medium (6.5-7.5 inches) (circumference of your wrist) - color: Blue or Black - High quality leather stingray leather - Butterfly Clasp - Nickel free


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