Misfit Ray Jewelry by fitjewels

Don’t be a Misfit dress up your Misfit Ray

Why would you choose to be plain, when you can stand out from the crowd?  Ordinary doesn’t have to be your new trend.  Fitjewels wants to be a part of helping you reach your fitness goals, by upgrading the look of your Misfit Ray.  We believe that, what you wear can compliment your new lifestyle, by simply changing the look and feel of your Misfit Ray.

What is it that we find so special about Fitjewels jewelry pieces for the Misfit Ray?  We believe that it is simple, at Fitjewels we use only the highest quality materials in the designs of our fitness tracker jewelry.  The design and manufacturing of each piece is made to fit most any wrist.  Each bracelet is made with stainless steel accent pieces to match the Misfit Ray tracker standard options.  Every bracelet is handmade using stainless steel, and beautiful genuine leather bands that securely attach to the tracker itself.

Fitjewels has taken the extra steps to offer lovers of the Misfit Ray, a unique and elegant option over the boring rubber bracelet gym look.  We offer three colors schemes and 3 size options, black-leather/grey-stainless steel, rose gold-leather/pink stainless steel and grey-leather/pink-stainless steel, in either sm/med, med/lg, or lg/x-lg.

Go from ordinary, to extraordinary by simply changing your rubber fitness bracelet, to something everyone will notice when you wear the Misfit Ray Jewelry by Fitjewels.

Count your steps in style, with fitjewels brand wearable jewelry for many of the Fitbit trackers: Fitbit Charge 2, Fitbit Flex/Flex 2, Fitbit Alta/Alta HR, and Fitbit One, & Misfit Ray.  Look for the release of Apple Watch Series 3 jewelry by fitjewels Fall 2017.


- Available in sizes S-M (5.5-6.5) M-L (6.5-7.5) and L-XL (7.5-9) inches (circumference of your wrist) - Simply connect the band on the chip! - The indicator lamps are visible on the chip all the time - Don't spoil your professional or dressy outfit with a plastic wristband - Gorgeous & in high quality



  1. Jennifer Wheeler

    love your designs and really want to get one of your bracelets. I have the ray in gold and would really like to see some designs with the true yellow gold color. Simple like the fitbit interchangeables


    1. Anne

      Hi Jennifer, thanks for your comment. The Misfit Ray Fusion in “rose gold” is actually a shiny yellow gold leather band. We call it “rose gold” since the charms on the side are rose gold color.
      It fits perfectly to the new gold (shiny) Misfit Ray tracker as well the first model in rose gold (matte).

      Best wishes


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